Biking Across California⑦ On The Night With A Super Blood Blue Moon

Biking tour

Hello. I’m Suekichi.

I’m writing the next episode of the cycling tour in the US.

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2 days when I spent in Mendocino

This episode is about the 2 days when I spent in Mendocino with N.

Fortunately, Goddess offered me her help in the darkness.

I had an unforgettable time with her in Mendocino.

About N


Her name is N.

She is a singer from Slovenia.

She’s lived in the US for years.

On that day, she went out to the neighboring town with her doggies.

And she happened to find me on the way home.


When we passed through the dark forest, we watched the beautiful sunset into the sea.

I couldn’t believe that I was depressed in the forest a little while ago.

I was full of joy because of her.

The kindest person

We got to the hotel of the next town after a ten-minutes drive.

N asked the staff about the hotel charges for me and she said.

It’s about 80 bucks for a night. A little bit expensive?

Well but thanks to you, I don’t have to spend the night in the dark.

You can come to my place if you want. There is a room for you to sleep.

Really?? I’d love to. Thank you.

She gave me not only a ride but also an accommodation.

She is the kindest person I’ve ever met.

Mexican Dinner

We chatted a lot in the car.

I’ve been on the road for 2 weeks now. I’m heading to Mexico.

Nice! I traveled Mexico a few years ago. People, Food and Beach, everything was great.

Wow. I can’t wait to be there soon.

Now I feel like eating Mexican food. Why don’t we cook it for dinner?

YES!! Let’s do it!

We cooked Tacos and Guacamole for dinner.

It was muy delocioso.

After we ate dinner, we watched the movie “Karate Kid”.

It couldn’t be better.

Ten Mile Beach

The next day, N took me around Mendocino.

We went to Ten mile beach for a morning walk.

beautiful voice

Her singing was amazing.

Walking with doggies was very relaxing.

Time to say goodbye

After a walk, we had lunch at the cafe nearby.

The time I spent with her was awesome but it was limited.

Because I needed to get back on the road trip next morning.

I had to say goodbye to her in the evening.

It was so hard because I liked her.

When I spent a night alone at the hotel of Mendocino, I already missed her.

At that night, Super Blood Blue Moon came out. It was especially beautiful.

To be continued.