Biking Across California⑧ Milky way at Gerstle Campground.

Biking tour

Hello. I’m Suekichi.

I’m writing the next episode of the cycling tour in the US.

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3 days when I biked from Mendocino to Jenner

This episode is about the 3 days when I biked from Mendocino to Jenner.

I got back to biking again and the road I’ve been through was awesome.

Biking along the shoreline

After I left at Mendocino, the view was pretty good.

I biked while looking at the ocean on my right side.


I got to ELK around noon.

I dropped by a nice shop called ELK SHOP.

turkey baked cheese sandwich

I bought a turkey baked sandwich, broccoli and hummus for lunch.

broccoli & hummus

Camping with Seals

After 3 hours-biking, I arrived at Point Arena.

It was getting dark and there was no camping ground.

I decided to spend a night behind the bushes.

Behind the bushes

When I was looking at sunset after I set a tent, I realized that there were seals lying down on the shore.

Apache Tears

In the next morning, I stopped by the Point Arena Lighthouse.

Point Arena Lighthouse

I took a break for lunch at Gualala around noon.

I ate a sandwich, tomato, boiled egg and apple at the shop.

When I was eating them in front of the shop, a woman spoke to me

Hi, Why are you carrying this big luggage?

Hi! I’ve been biking to Mexico from Oregon now.

Wow! That’s nice. I have a little something for you.

She gave me a good luck charm called Apache Tears.

Thank you.

First Milky Way Ever

I stayed at the camping ground of Solt Point.

Gerstle Campground

I cooked like always do.

I sketched to pass the time.

When I got out of the tent after I watched Netflix in the tent.

There were tons of stars in the night sky.


I saw the milky way for the first time.

It was the most beautiful starry sky ever.

To be continued.