【1 Year of Hair Growth】Long Hairstyles and Haircuts for Asian Japanese Men 2021.

Biking tour

How long does hair take to grow

Hair grows 0.3mm in a day. It means that hair grows about 1cm in a month.

I had grown my hair out for a year when I was in abroad.

I introduce the process of hair growth with those pictures.

The beginning

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When I hitchhiked in Japan

It looks like the average hair length for Japanese men.

3rd months

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Cebu in Phillipine

I tied my back hair like this ↓

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6th months

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Kelowna in Canada
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This is the most annoying period of hair growth.

You may think ” I can’t stand it. I’m gonna cut it.”

STOP!! You will regret.

9th months

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After you got out of the annoying period, you would feel free from growing hair.

Just let it go.

10th to 12th months

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Oregon in the US

Man bun style is very comfortable.

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California in the US

I let my beard grow out for 4 months.

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San Jose del Pacifico in Mexico

The Mexican hat looks good on the long hair.

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I got a buzz cut in Cuba

It was only 5 bucks for getting hair cut in Havana.

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looks sad

3 tips for having a long hair

✅Never give up letting hair grow.

In the middle of the hair growth, you will face the moment that you really want got hair cut. Please watch some photos and videos of long hair men on SNS to maintain the motivation. Caps and beanies are useful to avoid from the annoying moment.

✅Health food and Get enough sleep.

Good lifestyle is inevitable to have a long hair because growing needs enough nutrition. I recommend Coconut oil and Zinc supplements to get hair growth faster.

✅Don’t care your hair too much.

It’s nothing changed however you care your hair. It’s good to look back the photos of your hairstyle and realize that your hair has been growing out sometimes. In my opinion, you don’t have to wash your hair everyday. For me, I washed it twice a week.


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Biking down south from Oregon to Mexico

Getting a long hair for men is not easy.

It takes a long time and it’s very stressful.

However if you can be patient with it, you will get more than a long hair.

Good luck.