Biking across California① Started Walking south from Florence in Oregon !?

Biking tour

Hello. I’m Suekichi!

I’m writing the next episode of the cycling tour in the US.
previous episode: Biked across California of the US for 2 months. -episode 0-


Kelowna → Vancouver → Eugene

I headed to Vancouver in Canada after I left Kelowna.

Because I wanted to go to Eugene and I needed to take a train from Vancouver.


I took a bus from Kelowna to Vancouver at first. It took about 4 hours.

Reunion with friends I met in Kelowna

I had 3 days more until the departure so I got in touch with friends who I met in Kelowna. They gave me a room to stay. I really appreciated them.

Roommate’s brother in Kelowna and his friends
having fun with guitalele
Kimuchi hot pot

They treated me super kindly with delicious food. I was ready for US.

Got on the train bound for Eugene!!

They made me Onigiri for Lunch

Arrived at Eugene called a hippy town


I spent 2 days in Eugene.

I walked around downtown and went to Spencer Butte Park for trekking.

Free meal downtown
Free meal at a hostel
Spencer Butte Park
from the top of Spencer Butte Park

I fully enjoyed Eugene.

What am I going to do next??

The purpose of going to Eugene was achieved. I didn’t have any plans so I needed to plan where I was going to next.

I asked the manager of the hostel “I wanna go to South” “I wanna see beaches”. Where should I go?

He said “You should go to the west coat and go down. There are many camping grounds along the shore.”


As I googled it, I knew that there were camping grounds every 50km along the shore. I liked the plan because It seemed like very adventurous and I could save money to stay at camping grounds.

Next morning, I got a bus to Florence in the west coast from Eugene.

Stared Walking down from Florence in Oregon.


I arrived Florence. I was excited because I saw the ocean!!

After I dropped in supermarket to get food, I started walking south to the camping ground.

Although I was afraid if I could make it, I kept walking.

To be continued.