Biking across California② Walking for 3 days from Florence to Lakeside.

Biking tour

Hello! I’m Suekichi.

I’m writing the next episode of the cycling tour in the US.
previous episode: Biking across California① Started Walking south from Florence in Oregon !?

This episode is the story that I walked from Florence to Lakeside. The distance is 55km and it took 3 days.

42 mins by car !?

Day1: 6 hours to get to the Camping ground

Walking down south.

I stared walking to next camping ground from Florence in Oregon like this video.

I only had a Google map to know where the camping ground is because there is no Wi-fi. I was very worried if I can make it but I finally arrived there after 6 hours walking.

Single Tent @siltcoos lagoon campground

I set up a single tent and put the stuff like backpacks and sleeping bag as soon as I arrived.

Start cooking

Even though I was super exhausted, I needed to get energy so I stated cooking.

Sapporo Ramen

I will never forget the taste of this ramen. After 6 hours walking, food wasn’t just food. It was more like energies.

It was almost sunset when I finished dinner so I went to bed. There was nothing to do without Internet.

Day2: No camping ground!

Nothing here

On the 2nd day, I walked for 8 hours on the this road nothing changed.

tent@ Winchester Bay

When I arrived at Winchester Bay, it was getting dark then I realized there was no camping ground. Moreover, It was sprinkling so I decided to put up a tent near river bench.


However, I couldn’t sleep well because the noise of the town and the coldness. I went to the restaurant nearby at 5 am to warm my body and have breakfast.

Day3: Found a nice shop and met nice people!!

On the 3rd day, I found a nice thrift store at Lakeside.

The inside of the thrift store

At the corner of the shop, there were puppies and the staff told me you can have one if you want. I wished I could have…

I bought this T-shirts.

I bought this T-shirts that the owner’s relative designed. The traveler biking is in the T-shirts. It seemed like a cycle touring was already decided at this time.

He showed me around Lakeside

As I told the owner I was walking down to south, He gave us a ride to the next camping ground and a short touring in Lakeside.

Tomato pasta

He made my day! The communicating cheered me up.

Sunset in the tent

Thanks to him, I could chill out at the camping ground.

I hadn’t known I was going to have a hard day at the next day.

To be continued.