Biking tour

Biking Across California⑫ The Sunset from the top of Big Sur!!

This episode is about the 3 days when I biked from Half Santa Cruz to Big Sur. Trekking Mt. Manuel Trail and meeting them again at the campground.
Biking tour

Biking across California④ Cycle touring begun in Oregon. “North Bend to Port Orford”

I started biking at North Bend. The road that continues uphill and downhill was super hard but local food in different town was amazing.
Biking tour

Biking across California③ Hitchhiking in the rain and Get a bicycle “Lakeside to North Bend”

I started walking down to south again from Lakeside. It was raining hard then nice people helped me out! I got a bike at North Bend and The cycling tour begun.
Biking tour

Biking across California② Walking for 3 days from Florence to Lakeside.

At previous episode, I started walking south from Florence. I just keep walking on the highway 101. I had some accidents on the road!?
Biking tour

Biking across California① Started Walking south from Florence in Oregon !?

The next episode of Cycling tour in the US. After I left Kelowna in Canada, I headed to Vancouver and Eugene. In Eugene I came up with a crazy plan to walk down to south. What's gonna happen??
Biking tour

Biked across California of the US for 2 months. -episode 0-

I've traveled around more than 10 countries. The biggest experience I had was biking across the west coast of the US.