Biking across California④ Cycle touring begun in Oregon. “North Bend to Port Orford”

Biking tour

Hello! I’m Suekichi.

I’m writing the next episode of the cycling tour in the US.

previous episode: Biking across California③ Hitchhiking in the rain and Get a bicycle “Lakeside to North Bend”

5 hours to bike!

This episode is the 2 days when I started biking from North Bend to Port Orford.


Start biking at North Bend !!

I slept a lot at a motel and got a bicycle at Moe’s Bike Shop. Then I started biking down south!!

When I left North Bend, these homeless men spoke to me and I told them that I was going to Mexico. They taught me how beautiful beach in Mexico was and Mexican food was cheap and delicious!!

Biking on the road

Biking was way faster than walking. Uphill was so hard that I had to walk a bike but downhill was super cool for the amount of work I did!!

Lunch break at Coos Bay

I arrived at Coos Bay in Oregon and I went to High Tide Café to have a lunch break.

I had a fish steak and seafood risotto.

The meal at local is one of the enjoyment in traveling!

Took a pic with a local

Found surfers at Sunset Bay Beach

After lunch I biked down from Coos Bay for a couple hours and I got to Sunset Bay Beach.

Sunset Bay Beach

At that time, I had never surfed and I longed for surfers.

Veggie Pizza at Bandon

The roads that I’d been through were like this. Very steep!!

I managed to get to Bandon before the sunset although it was raining.

I was exhausted that I ran into Pastries & Pizza.

Veggie Pizza

I ordered this veggie pizza. Many veggies like olives, onions, green peppers and cabbage on top. I loved it!!

After that, I stayed at a motel of Bandon.

Seafoods & Beer at Port Orford

Next morning, the weather was good but it rained in the middle of biking and I stayed at Port Orford after I biked for 5hours.

Griff’s On The Dock

There was a seafood restaurant in front of the motel I checked in.

I had a little treat for dinner at Griff’s On The Dock.

Fried seafood mix

While I was biking in Oregon, the weather wasn’t very good but those delicious food cheered me up.

In the next episode, the amazing encounter was waiting for me again.

To be continued.