Biked across California of the US for 2 months. -episode 0-

Biking tour

Hi, I’m Suekichi.

I like traveling especially abroad by myself.

I like communicating with local people in the traveling and I feel alive then.

Before I started biking across the US, I was still into backpacking because I traveled to Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines by myself and hitchhiked in Japan during the vacations from college when I was 20. Those experience made me more confident to travel.

The places where I’ve gone through

I’ve traveled around more than 10 countries in 25 years. The biggest experience I had was biking across California of the US.

The distance is about 1900 km and It took 2 months to get into Mexico.

When I achieve enlightenment

From this article, I’m going to introduce the stories little by little.


The reason why I started traveling

First, I’m writing the reason why I started traveling.

When I was 21 years old, I stayed in Cebu of Philippines for 2 months and Toronto of Canada for 2 months to learn English.

After 4 months that I studied English at language schools, I moved to Kelowna from Toronto and I worked at pizza restaurant and farm for few months. I just enjoyed for the rest of time.

In January after I spent the 6 months “vacation” in Canada, I decided to go to Mexico

Mexican party in Canada

because of those easy reasons that I wanna travel, I wanna go somewhere warm and I wanna see beaches.

カナダ出発の日 When I was leaving Canada

The journey to Mexico through the US just begun.

To be continued