Biking Across California⑫ The Sunset from the top of Big Sur!!

Biking tour

Hello. I’m Suekichi.

I’m writing the next episode of the cycling tour in the US.

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3 days when I biked from Santa Cruz to Big Sur

This episode is about the 3 days when I biked from Half Santa Cruz to Big Sur.

Trekking Mt. Manuel Trail and meeting them again at the campground.

Fancy Taco Rice

In the morning, I left Santa Cruz where I spent with surfer B.

I stared biking south again.


I biked through these green field in Mos Landing.

Google Map

I arrived at the town of Mos Landing after 3 hours biking.

At noon, I was hungry and tired that I stopped by the Mexican restaurant.

The Haute Enchilada

I ordered a taco rice. It was about 12 bucks.

The taste was a little fancy. It made me feel like eating the real one in Mexico.

Camping ground in Montray

I got to the campground in Veterans Memorial Park around 5pm.

Veterans Memorial Park

When I was eating dinner, a man spoke to me.

He was also biking around by himself even though He was 63 years old.

I wanna be active like him even if I get older.

Sunset from the top

Next day, I passed through the straight road surrounded by ocean and mountains.

I took a break with cupcakes on the way.

I got to the campground in Big Sur.

Google Map

I set a tent to spend a night and walked around the campground.

I found the trailhead of Mt. Manuel and started trekking.

I started around 3pm and got to the top around 5pm.

The sunset from the top was beautiful.

It looked like the one scene in Lion King.

I managed to go back to the tent before I got dark and I went asleep soon.

The picture in a Hermitage

I left the campground early in the morning.

I dropped in the Bakery nearby for breakfast.

Big Sur Bakery

A freshy-baked bread and a hot coffee was great.

On the way to the next campground, I found the signboard of Hermitage.

New Camaldoli Hermitage

I was curious that how the hermitage on the hill.

I pushed my bike to the hermitage and I could see this nice view.

I went into a gift shop next to the Hermitage.

It has religious books and some artworks made by local artists.

This is my favorite one.

It was very similar with the view that I saw on the top of Mt. Manuel.

I wanted to take it but I couldn’t afford it so I bought the postcard instead.

with the abbot

Good to see them again!!

I left the Hermitage and headed to the campground nearby.

Kirk Creek Campground

When I arrived at Kirk Creek Campground, I found two bikes that I’d seen before.

There were the Spanish couple I met in the campground of Half Moon Bay.

I was so happy to see them again and we took a video together.

The journey with them begun.

To be continued.