Biking across California③ Hitchhiking in the rain and Get a bicycle “Lakeside to North Bend”

Biking tour

Hello! I’m Suekichi.

I’m writing the next episode of the cycling tour in the US.
previous episode: Biking across California② Walking for 3 days from Florence to Lakeside.

From Lakeside to North Bend 14mile

This episode is the story that I spent 2 days from Lakeside to North Bend.


Walking in the rain.

I left Spin Reel Park Camping ground and started walking down to south.

Spin Reel Park

When I was walking down along the highway 101, It started raining hard. There was no buildings to take shelter from rain so I just kept walking.


Suddenly, a car stopped in front of me and a man came out of the car.

He told me, Are you okay? Where are you going? Get in the car!

Mr. Super kind man

He gave me a ride to my destination North Bend. How kind he was!!

Nice encounter at Chinese restaurant

After I got off his car, I found a Chinese restaurant in the town. I went there for lunch.

Lunch @North Bend

When I was having lunch, the married couple sitting next to me said.

“Were you walking along the highway 101? I saw the man walking with a big backpack. Was that you?”

The married couple

I told them “Yes, It was me! I’ve been walking down to south from Florence.”

They said “Wow! That’s an nice adventure! Good luck!” they cheered me up. And they paid for my lunch as well. I was so happy to meet them.

I bought a bicycle and next adventure!!

I got soaked by the heavy rain so I decided to spend a night in the motel. After I took a shower and did the laundries, I got out of the motel and hit the streets.

Moe’s Bike Shop

And I found Moe’s Bike Shop!! There many bicycles in the shop.

I thought it was the time to change walking to biking.

I named the bike “Fuku”!

The shop owner told me that there are many people who are biking down the east coast. I decided to buy a bicycle for the change.

Biking journey begun

The cycling tour just begun at North Bend. A lot of nice encounters were waiting for me.

To be continued.