Biking Across California⑩ IN-N-OUT in San Francisco was the Bomb!!

Biking tour

Hello. I’m Suekichi.

I’m writing the next episode of the cycling tour in the US.

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3 days when I biked from Stinson Beach to Half Moon Bay

This episode is about the 3 days when I biked from Stinson Beach to Half Moon Bay.

I went through San Francisco on the way. I was so excited to see Californian stuff when I’ve watched in the movie before.

I’m in San Francisco.

I woke up at Stinson Beach early in the morning and I started biking to San Francisco.

I swang by the Seafood restaurant in Marshall to have breakfast.

The Marshall Store

After 3hours-biking from Marshall, the road become more hilly and Golden Gate Bridge was there.

Google Map

Finally, I got to San Francisco by bike.

The Best hamburger ever

I was exhausted by so many hills and I took a lunch break.

I found the hamburger restaurant that I really wanted to go to.

It’s IN-N-OUT!!!

IN-N-OUT is a popular chained fast-food store that started in California.


This is the Bomb!!


I checked in the hostel and I stared strolling the city.

I found JAPAN TOWN in San Francisco.

It looked like Kyoto in Japan and there was a Japanese supermarket nearby.

I bought a seaweed and some vegetables for dinner.

Haight-Ashbury and Ocean Beach

In the next morning, I passed through Haight-Ashbury by bike.

I felt a Hippies culture a little bit.

When I got out of the downtown, I arrived at Ocean Beach.

Many people were chilling and others enjoyed surfing at the beach. I love it.

Half Moon Bay Beach

I biked to the camping ground in Half Moon Bay Beach around the evening.

While I was chilling after I put up a tent and ate dinner, A couple came and we got along with each other.

We enjoyed talking in front of the bonfire.

In the next morning, I found an another tent with two bikes when I got out of the tent.

A guy and lady came out of the tent and asked me.

Are you biking around US, too?

This Spanish couple had been biking from Canada!!

To be continued.