Biking Across California⑪ Home Party in Santa Cruz by Encountering Surfer B!!

Biking tour

Hello. I’m Suekichi.

I’m writing the next episode of the cycling tour in the US.

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3 days when I biked from Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz

This episode is about the 3 days when I biked from Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz.

By encountering a surfer in a beach, I joined in his friend’s home-party fortunately.

The Beatles Cafe in Pescadero

I left the camping ground in Half-Moon Bay early in the morning.

Google Map

Through the road along the ocean, I arrived at Pescadero around noon.

I was so hungry that I had the sandwich for lunch.

Turkey Cheese Sandwich Arcangeli Grocery Co.

When I was strolling downtown after lunch, I found a nice cafe that The Beatles being played in the store.

Downtown Local

While I biked on the road, I always listened to the songs by The Beatles.

I took a coffee break in the cafe.

Google Map

There was no camping grounds and cheap hotels around Pescadero, so I spent a night outside.

Laguna Creek Beach

Next morning, I left Pescadero at 6 am.

I stopped by a Berry Farm on the way.

I had a berry cheese cake and berry juice for breakfast.

Swanton Berry Farm

I got to Laguna Creek Beach at noon.

Laguna Creek Beach

I dropped off the luggage on the lawn to take a lunch break.

Encounter with Surfer B

When I was having lunch on the lawn, a man passing by spoke to me.

What are you doing here?

I’ve been biking through California and I’m taking a break now.

That’s amazing! There is a good place to chill down there. Do you wanna come with me ?

Really? Sounds good!

There was a spacious sandy beach down under the hillock.

Google Map

B’s friends were chilling and chatting there.

We got along as soon as we talked.

I knew that he teaches surfing to the people who has a disability.

When It’s the time to say goodbye, he told me that

I lived in Santa Cruz. You can stay at my place if you want.

I appreciate that invitation and we exchanged contacts.

And I slept on the beach at night.

Santa Cruz

The next day, I biked to Santa Cruz and arrived there at 4pm.

Santa Cruz

In the town, many people enjoyed surfing and walking around the park.

I got in a touch of B and headed to his house.

We met up again at his place and B told me that

My friends invited us to their home party tonight. Are you in ?

Sure!! I’d love to.

In the party, they prepared much delicious food like this.

Also they were very friendly and welcomed me. It was fun!!

See You Later B!!

Santa Cruz

After B and I got back to his house from the party, we took a hot bath in his yard.

He told me about his life and I talked about my life and future. It was great.

Next morning when I said goodbye to him, I promised that I will see him again and we go surfing together.

Thank you B! SEE YOU LATER!

To be continued…